125 Tattoo Designs For Men That You Will Love For Life




During WWII, posters of pinup girls were often seen hanging in the lockers of army soldiers as physical reminders of femininity and sexiness while they were fighting overseas. Today, the pinup has evolved greatly, but it still represents the beauty of women. Whether you’re a fan of a traditional pinup girl like this one or an off-the-wall rendition, such as a zombie or a biker chick, you’ll always have a sexy woman with you if you go with this type of tattoo.



Not only does a simple armband tattoo highlight your arm muscles if you’re someone who hits the gym regularly, it is also a great choice for someone who wants a fun design without a deep, profound meaning. Before you get inked, ask your tattoo artist to see several armband designs, as there are thousands, from barbed wire styles to tribal printed bands.

Ripped skin


There’s nothing that looks more intriguing to the eye than a ripped skin tattoo. Don’t panic; designs like this don’t require any more damage to the skin than a traditional tattoo does. The unique “ripped” appeal is created by a blend of shadows and colors, creating the effect that a layer of skin has been peeled or torn away to reveal another design underneath. If you opt for a design of this nature, just make sure you are working with a seasoned professional; it takes a lot of practice and expertise to perfect a tattoo as difficult as this one.

Portrait dedication


Whether it’s a child, a spouse, or perhaps even a grandparent, we all have one special person in our lives that has made a lasting impact on who we are. It’s only natural that people come and go, but a portrait dedication done in the likeness of your loved one is a way to keep that person who has been such a monumental presence in your life with you always.



A superhero tattoo may seem childish, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Not only is a superhero tattoo an excellent way to pay tribute to the inspiring figures of your childhood, it also represents the powers of goodness that your chosen superhero carries with him. For instance, a Superman tattoo pays respect to the comic book hero but also stands for strength, justice, and all that is moral and good.