125 Tattoo Designs For Men That You Will Love For Life


The decision to get permanently inked with a tattoo is one of monumental importance that requires a lot of meditation. After all, you’re dealing with the big dogs now, not those temporary rub-on designs that you plastered all over your body as a kid; if you decide you don’t like it, you can’t just rinse it off with soap and water.

With that said, finding the perfect tattoo should be a fun and self-reflective experience. While a tattoo should ultimately have personal touches that make it truly your own, we have compiled 125 of the most popular and unique designs to inspire you on your own journey to find the perfect tattoo.


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Shoulder Tattoos For MEn

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Flowers aren’t just for the ladies, but we do have to admit that men who are so in touch with natural beauty as to get a floral tattoo are likely to be luckier in love than those who aren’t man enough to get a rose tattoo like this one.

Personal mantra/slogan

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Are you someone who is known for always uttering a certain phrase in response to just about any situation? If so, having your personal mantra inked on your body is just about the most individual tattoo you could ever have. One of our favorite examples is ZacEfron’s discreet “YOLO” design. Even if you stop using the phrase someday, as Zac will undoubtedly do, it was still a huge part of your life at one point and deserves some recognition.