11 Kickass Hair Extension Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


If you look at the biggest Hollywood stars with their gorgeous long hair, the last thing you would think is that they are using hair extensions. But the truth is that they are using them, and it looks completely natural and beautiful, leading you to think about getting yourself some hair extensions as well (short hair becomes tiring after a while, and you can’t do a lot of things with it).

But before you shift over to your new hairdo, you can’t go into it unprepared. There are a few things you need to know if you want to achieve and maintain a natural looking long mane. That is why we have outlined these 11 kick ass hair extension tips and tricks for you to always keep in mind.

1. Brush Your Extensions Regularly

Brushing your hair extensions on a regular basis is good for maintenance and keeps them looking good for longer. Using a soft bristle brush does the job well if you brush gently (this avoids pulling). The brush will straighten and detangle the extensions without causing any breakage that can make them look messy. Unlike real hair, extensions don’t grow back, meaning any breakage is permanent and can render them unusable.

2. Extensions Must Always Be Tangle Free

There are many things that can tangle your hair, one of them is sleeping with wet hair. When you wash your hair at night, make sure you dry it completely before getting into bed, as hair is heavier when it is wet, and this can lead to unwanted tangling or worse – breakage. And if you want tangle-free hair in the morning, loosely braiding your hair strands before bedtime is another way to go.

3. Dampen Extensions Before Curling Them

Before you start inserting rollers into your hair extensions when curling them, make sure you dampen the extensions and your real hair first. Doing this ensures that the curls from both your extensions and natural hair blend perfectly. Plus, this also helps when you are trying to avoid that artificial shine that makes your extensions look plastic. When a portion of your hair has the plastic shine, it will prevent you from achieving your desired look – having a long and shiny mane that looks natural.

4. Straighten Your Hair into the Extensions for a Perfect Blend

To get that perfect mix of natural hair and hair extensions, your real hair must be straightened into the extensions. Luckily, this is quite easy to do as you can just clip on the extensions and do the straightening afterward. This is a must-know hair extension trick that should be done before any type of styling occurs. This will make sure that any style, whether it is curls, buns, twists or waves, looks totally natural and gorgeous.

5. Wash Them Gently

Whether you got your hair extensions from EH Hair & Extensions Sydney or somewhere else, don’t be too rough when washing them. If you have opted for clip-on extensions, wash them after you have worn them about 6-8 times. For permanent extensions, give them about 24-48 hours so that they bond completely before you start washing them. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to get a gentle cleanse.

6. Dry Your Extensions Naturally

Professional hair stylists often stress that it is better to dry your hair extensions naturally than to subject them to heat from a blow dryer. This is something you always have to be cautious of when dealing with extensions, and it is something that people often forget when they are in a hurry and need to dry their hair quickly and style it as well. That is why it is recommended to get up earlier (about 30 minutes) if you plan on washing your hair.

7. Don’t Use Alcohol-Based Hair Products

Alcohol-based hair products are a huge problem for extensions since they are not attached to your scalp. Since natural hair connects to your scalp, it is protected from the dryness that comes from using alcohol-laden products; this is because the scalp produces oils naturally that moisturize the hair. These products can lift the moisture out of your hair extensions and make them more susceptible to tangling, frizz and breakage. If you are to use alcohol-based products, make sure they contain a low amount of alcohol and that you rinse them out completely (another thing that people forget to do when in a hurry).

8. Let the Pros Handle Your Extensions

Hair extensions, especially quality ones, are not cheap, meaning that when you mess up, you could suffer a financial setback. Somethings are easy to do by yourself, such as curls and waves, but if you must make some major alterations to your extensions, such as cutting or dying them, it is best to let a professional handle it. If you mess up your extensions in a major way, permanent hair damage is the likely result.

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9. Get the Removed

Another thing you shouldn’t do by yourself because the chances of messing up are quite high is removing permanent hair extensions. This is another job best left to your hairstylist if you want to avoid damage to both your extensions and natural hair.

10. Density Matters

You can’t just place any type of extensions on your head because of hair density issues. For example, people with fine hair should not put on hair extensions with high density. These extensions are heavy for fine hair and can exert some stress on the roots and mess them up; hair extensions with a lighter density are the best option in this case.

11. Get the Right Pillow Case

No one likes frizz, but unfortunately, this can happen a lot when you sleep on the wrong pillowcase. Waking up with frizz means you have to waste time straightening the hair, and since it is dry, this can also lead to some breakage. The best option to prevent frizz is to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Now that you know some kickass hair extension tips and tricks, you are ready for your new hairdo. Hair extensions are a perfect way to add volume and length to your hair. You just need to know a few things if you want your new hairdo to look natural all the time – just like your Hollywood stars.