10 Ways You Can Wear Hair Extensions You Won’t Believe That Actually Exist


Who doesn’t love to style the hair in different ways? We love it and surely you also wish to get that perfection to style your hair in several ways. The styling of the hair depends upon the length, texture, thickness, and quality of your hair. And this task of styling your hair in updos becomes trickier when it comes to hair extensions styling. So here we are guiding you through 10 different ways of wearing hair extension.

One of the main aims of adding hair extension is to volumize, add length and fullness to your hair in order to utilize the cost of hair extensions that you invest in. Benefits of adding hair extensions are numerous, one of them is that it also adds substance to a formal updo. The heavy curls, thick braids and long length of the hair extensions allow you to play with your hair and style them differently. Wearing your hair extensions in unique ways is possible and we will guide you through it.

Hair extensions provide much convenience and let you create a look that saves money and time. You want to switch looks every day and want to create new looks that give you fresh and enhance without going to the hair stylist. We will be telling you ways in which you can wear hair extensions that are super effortless and can be created in no time.

You can use these different hair extensions styles that you can wear with more creativity and versatility while giving your appearance a kick. You will have to decide that which styles of wearing hair extensions work best for your kind of extensions. Here are 10 ways you can wear hair extensions you won’t believe that exist which are perfect for your type of hair extension and learn how you can achieve them:

  1. Long side pony

It is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can wear. For this look, pull the long and straight faux hair to one side and then tie them at this side by creating a side ponytail.

  1. Straight and long

Blows dry your bangs to the side and spray with hairspray. Then attach a long, straight faux hair under your crown area. Brush your hair and the extension to blend them with your original hair. For adding a style to your straight look, you can create a little French braid on the opposite side of your bangs and stop them at your ear.

  1. Voluminous ponytail

In this look, you will have to brush your bangs and create a middle part and sprayed them with strong-hold hairspray lightly. Then use a round brush to backcomb the top of your head for creating a lift and giving it a volume. Then pull your natural hair into a bun at the back of your head. Release some hairs for framing the face and curl them with a small-barreled iron. For finishing it you can clip a curly ponytail piece on the bun.

  1. Side Bun

Another way of wearing the hair extensions is to bring them at one side and tying it into a side bun. This look is achieved by securing hair into a side ponytail. Then wrap the ponytail around the base for creating a bun and then fasten with the help of few bobby pins. At last, attach the faux bun extension on the top of your natural hair bun and here is your full glam side bun.

  1. Bouncy Bangs

For creating this look of bouncy bangs with the help of hair extensions, you first must blow dry your hair and bangs. Now clip in a 20-inch hair extension, attaching it from one ear to the other, and then twist your hair into its bouncy curls to blend them. Slip on a faux braided headband and a sparkly hair accessory on top for giving that glam to your hairdo.

  1. High pony

Spray your top half of the head with water and place some strong-hold gel. Secure your hair in a high ponytail. Then attach clip a faux ponytail piece and take a section from the ponytail to wrap it around the base of the ponytail for the final look. This is one of the easiest ways of wearing your hair extensions. It is the best way of pulling your hair into something really stylish when your hair is not washed.

  1. Long and messy

Curl all your hair with the help of a small-barreled iron. Brush the curl so that they form flowy waves and spray them with a flexible-hold hairspray. You will now have to attach a wavy extension that starts from your ear and work your way to just below the crown of your head. And use your fingers to comb so that they get mixed with your natural hair.

  1. Wavy bun

It is a simple and quick hairdo using your hair extension. Pull the long and tousled hair at the side and form a messy bun by wrapping it all together with an elastic. You can add some hair accessory for giving your hairstyle pulled out of hair extension a taste of freshness.

  1. Braided headband

For this look pull the same long and tousled look and secure it with a claw clip in a way that it leaves out the ends for giving a messy touch. Now you can attach the fake braided hair headband and pull some pieces of the hair out for framing the face.

  1. Side Braid

In this style of wearing hair extensions in a different way includes the use of a long straight extension. this hair extension will be attached to the under layers of the hair at the crown of your head and then will be braided normally. You can add a headband or can also take out front hairs for face-framing.

Now that you know everything about hair extensions, most of the tweaks in this article are easy-to-apply which means less time will be consumed and a sleeker look every time J