10 Tips On How To Find The Most Sustainable Online Game For You


There are so many video games out there that it’ll make your head spin. The amount of options at your fingertips rival that of any volume of books, and any music album out there. The paralysis of choice, when it comes to video games, is very real. So how does one go about figuring out what game is best for them? Does one just go online and start playing until they find something they like? What if that doesn’t happen? Well, in order to bring some light on the subject, here are 10 tips to help you find which online game is more suitable for you.

1. Enjoy Complex Strategy?

One of the highlights of modern online games is the rise of extremely complex problem solving games set in a giant world. The scale of these games can be both exhilarating and a bit frightening. With an entire universe at play, what is one supposed to do? Are you just supposed to go around and find things to do? If so, what kind of intense problem solving is one supposed to employ while engaging in the game?

2. Do You Have Good Timing?

On another side of the video game spectrum, there are games—especially modern pilot games, that require amazing timing. Games like Ikaruga are famous for being insanely difficult and built for those who have the timing of a metronome. Of course, this seems difficult now. But there are people out there who have conquered the most ridiculous of timing-heavy games. Perhaps you can, too?

3. Want to Bet?

Oh, the rush of a good bet. When you log in and play your hand at some classic and new casino games, you just can’t help but chase that winning dragon. They make it so fun. Just take a look at some of the casino platforms and the multitude of games that have been made available online. The experts at live22.online even designed a wonderful ecosystem of prize-winning games. You can just play a few hands or flip a few slots, and you’ll feel the blood rush through your veins. The trick is you’re betting with real money. The possibility of winning—and winning ridiculous amounts, is always there. There’s a millionaire made every single day online at casinos. Who knows? You might just have a shot.

4. Multiplayer or Single Player?

Are you looking to play alone, casually? Or are you looking to engage with other people while online? This is a crucial question you have to ask yourself when picking a video game that’s right for you. If you want to play alone, casino games and puzzle games are definitely your wheelhouse. They can be played without the pressure or the interaction that often resides in multiplayer online games. Just log on and play whenever you want. If you want to log off, you can. No questions asked.

5. Weapons and Shooting?

Some of the best games out there are first person shooters. They have been around since the beginning of online gaming. Some would argue that they brought online gaming to the masses and put it on the map. Just look at Half-life and Counter Strike. Those two games were, and still are, instant classics. If you’re a fan of a good multiplayer shoot-em-up, then FPS games are perfect for you. There’s no shortage of those games online. A lot of them are free to play, too.

6. Puzzles

People, especially older people, use online games to keep their brain sharp. Nothing gets this done better and more effectively than a good puzzle game. Online puzzle games range from beginner to high level mathematics in terms of difficulty. Some of them are so hard that the world’s ending scientists and minds spend days per problem. You won’t get to enjoy the wins and the rewards if you start off with something ridiculously hard. Luckily, the most usable online games start from the easiest puzzles and work their way up. This way, everybody gets to have fun.

7. Level Up Progression

Some people thrive on personal rewards. Heck, we all like it when we know we’re getting somewhere in a game. Even solitaire has its diminishing main pile. We love it. In the video game world, this is either achieved by moving to the next level, or having your character level up. This may seem like the same thing, but there’s a critical distinction. The character level-up implies that you’re going to invest more and more time and resources into that avatar as opposed to you personally winning and leveling up. Some individuals heed that distinction. Some don’t really mind either way.

8. 2D vs. 3D

3D games may be the latest and the greatest, but in online games, 2D is still king. They’re easy to make and, therefore, more readily available and usually for cheaper. This all boils down to whether the graphics can achieve the level of your enjoyment, or not. There are people that won’t touch a game unless there’s a level of realism. Others are not attached to the idea at all.

9. How Much Time Are You Spending?

MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. These are the bread and butter of the online gaming industry. They’re the multimillion dollar draws with insane amounts of players all gunning for the title of “the best.” They’re fun, yes. But they can take hours and days out of your schedule. People who commit to MMORPG’s spend weeks and months trying to be as good as they can. If that’s something that you’re into, then by all means, jump right in.

10. Storylines

Many fantasy and adventure games have beautifully written storylines that can make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. They’re crafted and strung together to give you, the player, the experience of embodying the role. It’s like a fantastic movie, and you’re the main star of it all. These are immensely popular with console games, and since most consoles have online capabilities, these have all spread to online-based storylines and even special edits and additions you can play as they’re released.

Video games are this generation’s pastime. Some of you might already know what you want, but are looking to regroup and pick one thing out of the hat. Some of you have never played a video game at all. Whichever the case, there’s one thing for certain, the video games are here to stay, and they’re only going to get bigger and better.