10 Facts You Need to Know About Data Security


Now that the world has become smaller and has shrunk into a small global village with the use of the world wide web which is the home for more than 2 billion online websites, there is a shift from physical existence to digital landscape in the past few two decades.

Data security threats have become more stereotype with the rise of data collection and data sharing by government institutions and companies. The major part of breached records is from three leading industries of the world, which are government, technology, and retail. Irrespective of the nature of the business, each day websites become the target of a detrimental hacker. According to Juniper’s research, the loss of trillions of dollars has been accounted for by cybercrimes. In the year 2019, the amount was $2 trillion.

To avoid any security threat and such vulnerability in the future, businesses are investing excessively on their online security. Training of employers is also conducted to have maximum awareness of scams and ransomware attacks.

With safer means of search and acquirement of information, people are also trusting reliable services such as Nuwber and many other services. Moreover, by 2027, it is estimated that there will be $10 billion in global spending on cybersecurity. Hence, it is necessary to realize the significance of cybersecurity and about the highlighted facts which come along with it.

Here are 10 facts that will provide you deep insight related to data security that will blow your mind.

50% of cyber attacks target small businesses

The lack of attention towards the security of data from small businesses creates an absolute path for hackers to attack. The small business owners think that they cannot be attacked as there is not much to be hacked, but this perception is erroneous as hackers may steal consumer information and personal data. According to Cybint, about 60% of companies experience malicious attacks such as phishing, DDoS attacks, and many others.

$6 trillion in damages by the year 2021

According to Forbes, $6 trillion will cost more damages than natural disasters annually. Much of the threat is attainable in the future with the use of secure VPN services, which enables a person to hide their identity and their location, which has made it impossible to track online activities.

Usage of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is undoubtedly has introduced an amazing system of digital currencies. It has provided safety, anonymity and quick transfer, but unluckily, most of the illegal activities involve the use of it as it offers anonymity.

Healthcare industry is more affected  by malware attacks

Studies tell that over 75% of the healthcare industry has been infected during the last year which includes health insurance agencies and treatment facilities. Hackers target the patient’s personal records and also medical research, then they are sold to the bidders in roundabout ways. The reason for attacks is due to the negligence of hospitals and medical institutions for data security.

Data security software is compulsory now

Business owners of small and large businesses are inclined to the protection of their data and investing in cybersecurity software. An effective antimalware software has the ability to check and segregates the threat from the system before any malicious attack festers and damages.

It is important that despite the fact that windows are much of annoyance for the user every day, but they are quite useful as they allow the standard windows firewall to deflect the majority of the cyber threats.

IoT device can be hacked in 5 minutes

IoT devices are likely to be hacked easily within five minutes of connecting to the internet as they cannot escape the internet. As they are used in day-to-day life such as your car, your home control system, your smartwatch, etc. So, there is no other way to disconnect completely from the internet.

Hacking tools and software are as cheaper as $1

Multiple hacking tool kits and software which are easily available on the dark web cost as low as $1. Some of the software may cost a bit higher obviously, the more hacker spends, the more advanced hacking tools he/she can get. Even third-party apps can be found directly on the internet.

Pernicious emails

Reports state that most of the public administration organizations receive one malicious email per 302 emails. It may seem to be little in number, but as the public organizations are huge in number and the nature of work they involve greatly., it is more likely for employees to get into the trap of hackers.

Cybersecurity market – a $300 billion industry

As per Global Market insights in a 2019 press release, it is estimated that by the year 2024, cybersecurity will become a$ 300 billion industry. This amount is seemingly much higher than that of advancements in technology.

You can find thousands of data security tools online at low prices; some of them are even free of cost. Having complete awareness of usage and proper implementation of security tools will also provide you a sense of reliance in protecting your personal information. Moreover, these data protective software will protect your business from camouflaged hackers as utility tools. 

Billion Dollar companies became victims of cybercriminals

There is a factual representation of data breaches in history, and it has happened with the most famous billion-dollar companies in the world. There is a complete list of world’s biggest companies such as Yahoo, Marriott, My Space, Under Armor, eBay, Target, LinkedIn, Rambler.ru, and many others who were hacked in the past. Even Facebook which is the most common and famous social networking platform.

Data security solutions are quite important for today’s day and age for both large corporations and small businesses. These facts are more eye-opening, and they are useful for people in order to have an awareness of malicious threats. Be sure to have trusted security tools such as antivirus software and VPNs to be on the safe side. Educating others about security requirements is important and having updated antivirus software will also be helpful for the users of the current era.