#1 Way To Prevent Cyber Criminals From Reading Your Messages


What’s in your smartphone? Contacts, photos, videos, games and messengers. What is the worst thing to happen to any private conversation? Getting it leaked and opening up some intimate feelings and dramas for strangers. It is silly to believe that smartphone is totally protected with a password, fingerprint or faceID. Keeping it by your side only without leaving in somebody’s hands is not a warranty, too.

All those conspiracy theories, claiming that big brother is watching us, seem to have certain rational kernel in them. Thanks to Wikileaks, we somehow made sure that there is a strong need of double protecting all our devices for the mean of virtual privacy. What to do? The easiest way is getting a tiny application that can keep any gadget undercover – a VPN. Unlike all other means of protection, this one requires no special skills. Users never rack their brains over how to set up the VPN or how to make it run for your device. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Have a look at this link and choose the VPN you like. Whatever is the app type, users download a distributive, give it a few clicks for finishing its installation, and after that just turn it on and use it. Seems too easy? Let us take a closer look at this miraculous software.


VPN is the only software that can literally make any user invisible, despite the OS or device type, location, and even Internet provider. Virtual private network is a network within world wide web, that is created to hide user from other people within the net. Imagine for a second that you could buy your own road within the whole city and that road could lead you anywhere you wanted, but it was highly protected from all sides so that nobody could see your movements. Same here. The VPN is your private internet.


There is something we all lack today within the Internet – privacy. When users turn on their computers, aiming everyone to leave them alone – they close their doors. But most of people do not even think there are a few pairs of eyes watching them from the other side of the screen. When there is the VPN on, all messages sent or received are visible only for those two people within a conversation, as they are encrypted from the moment they are created and by the time they get unlocked with help of public keys. If anyone tries tap the wire, they receive only a bunch of unclear symbols that make no sense at all.


We all face situations when there is a strong need in some info or content which turns out to be banned by the government, and all sites where it can still be reached are blocked. Every person deserves complete freedom when it comes to information. This is why deciding what should and what should not be there in our screens is up to us. As a kind of protest against this system, Bestvpnrating.com offers a bunch of solutions that unlock all websites, granting access to anything within global net.

How does it work? The thing is, when entering a website, we fill in the domain and get automatically directed to it. But this action leaves a number of traces all around:

  • our provider receives the logs and can check what we did there;
  • our IP address is an indicator of our location;
  • website hosting server keeps all data about our visit for some time.

The VPN makes them all forget about user’s existence. When we turn it on, and type website address, things work pretty much different. Our request goes to a distant virtual server, which changes our static IP to some dynamic one. And it changes every time we claim for an access via the VPN. Only after that we enter requested website, but the signal transmitted has nothing to do with our actual location or computer.

In addition, virtual private networks do not let Internet providers collect data, keeping them unaware of all users’ moves. Browser history is absent as well. It is not because VPNs delete it, but because this software prevents it from being recorded.

Additional options

These are the main functions of every VPN, but there are some additional ones. As far as there are applications that are completely free and those that require some monthly fees, there is certain difference in options they offer. If a user wants some broader functional, some cash should be spent on that.

Mostly such applications offer traffic and cash control, but there is software that can speed up Internet connection. Unlike that widespread myths that such programs make it slower, they actually work for our faster service.

Variation in forms

There are VPNs for all types of devices and operating systems. But what is even better – there are various forms of them either:

  • VPNs where you can choose the location before starting it;
  • those that connect to the fastest servers;
  • separate applications;
  • VPNs built into browsers.

The choice is pretty wide and everyone can find something to their taste and needs. There is only one thing here that fits every user – the freedom VPNs grant.